“Mini Maritsa Iztok” EAD is the largest coal mining company in the Republic of Bulgaria. It works the Maritsa Iztok lignite field with production area of 240 km2 and is of decisive importance for the national energy balance. The company has been operating in order to provide light and heat and contribute to the economic prosperity of the Republic of Bulgaria for more than half a century.

"Mini Maritsa Iztok" EAD is a company developing the open method largest lignite coal deposit in the Republic of Bulgaria . It began in the distant 1951, to yield already 63 years the most valuable energy raw material from its own source in the country - from Maritsa Iztok lignite field.

We set lofty goals and we approach them with responsibility and professionalism. We have understood our importance for the country and the region and this gives us reasonable confidence.

Our mission

To guarantee the energy independence of the Republic of Bulgaria

Our vision

To be the European face of Bulgarian coal mining

Our goal

To ensure regular supply of coal for thermal power plants in the region and to fully satisfy their needs

In compliance with national priorities for energy sector development and environmental protection, presented in the “Energy stratetgy for the Republic of Bulgaria”, “National environment strategy”, “National action plan 2005-2014” and legislation frame in the country, the Company management defines the following Policy:

Ensuring sustainable development of "Mini Maritsa Iztok " EAD based on meeting the demands and expectations of the parties interested in the company‘s operations, continuous improvement of health and safety at work and continuously reduce the negative impact on the environment after mining activities.

This web portal provides an opportunity for public access and visualization of measurement data for environmental dust - PM10 of one terminal. The system allows access to a constant renewal database from the dust measuring terminal – in graphical.