System Web Noise specification

2250-L/2250 based terminal - type 3655-A. Manufacturer – Brūel & Kjær-Denmark.

The Brüel & Kjær monitoring terminals are designed for stationary, semi-stationery, and periodic environmental noise indexes control. The terminal includes features for easy and fast measurement profile set-up, and periodic monitoring protocols definition.

The terminal is put in a robust case, incorporating acoustics analyzer type 2250/2250-L/2270, communication and power supply accessories, internal cabling and output to an outdoor measuring microphone.


Spectri Data Logger (communication, calculations, software, outputs) - unit per terminal Manufacturer – SPECTRI-Bulgaria.

  • Supports of encrypted protocols for data exchange between the server, and the client.
  • Supports of protocols for communication between the noise measurement terminals and the logger.
  • Specialy developed software for noise indexes displaying- as LAeq, dB(A), and for data storage. Subsequent mathematical processing of acquired data.
  • Algorythm for data flow maintenance. When a communication connection is down, the data are stored in the internal data logger memory – for later on restoring in the web server data base.
  • A system for self diagnostics, and for indication of eventual logger or communication faults.

Customized solution for each individual customer/project: see Plovdiv.WEBNOISE.EU – unit per project, only initial payment. Manufacturer – SPECTRI-Bulgaria.

A customized system, made in WEBNOISE.EU enviroment, with the following main vizualization features:

  • Main screen Google maps API v3.0 based window with applied measuring locations, on a real map. Each points is with attached LAeq actual reading, displayed in respective color scheme.
  • Secondary screen with LAeq measurement readings – for a defined time interval. The interval can be chosen either by pressing a button (hour, day, week, month), or via customized plots selecting interval.
  • Self-refreshing plot. Each 5 min. passed interval is respectively added on the overall result.
  • Additionally for each day period, the is an overview for the integral noise indexes LAmax, Lday, Levening, Lnight, L10, L90.